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It is an intelligent GPS portable positioning terminal designed for children, students, women,

the elderly, etc. It integrates GSM+GPS+AGPS wireless communication network system positioning technology. SMS for help, voice call for help, Trajectory tracking, alarm by voice and led light etc, Built in intelligent power saving function, 365 days long standby, safe and radiation-free under normal standby. Provide a more secure use, convenient and effective way to help.

Indicator status of help message and voice call:

Green light is on for 5 seconds: it means that help is being ready to send

Red light turn off after 5 seconds: it means that help message and voice call is failure to be sent.

White light is on for 5 seconds : it means that the SMS and voice call is being sent.

Green light is on: it means that call is in progress.



a) When the power is low, the red light will be on for 1 minute, and then it will be on for 1 minute every 30 minutes.

b)Input: 5v.1A power supply, plug in USB charging cable for charging.

c)During charging, the white light will flash slowly, the white light will be on for a long time When fully charged, the white light will turn off When the power is disconnected



a) Pull out the pin, it will alarm, location sharing+Emergency call

b) Press the SOS button,location sharing+Emergency call

C) Rechargeable cycle use.


Appearance diagram:

Charging port: 5V charging port, connect the charging line for charging.

b) SOS button: click one time to test, on or off the alarm; Click two times, it will alarm.

c) Status indicator lamp: Red, green and white.

d) SOS pin: Put out the pin, it alarms. Insert in, it stops alarm



A self-defense alarm. In case of danger or emergency, turn on the switch and immediately


sound a high-decibel alarm, Mainly used for girls, students, lonely old people for help, fashionable appearance, convenient to carry.

The alarm can be used independently to give out high decibel continuous alarm sound. Location sharing, location tracking, on-site recording, voice phone notification and quick alarm can be realized.

Alarm by pulling out the pin:

It will emit high decibel alarm sound + LED light flashing+help message+emergency call .

SOS alarm

Double click the SOS, LED light flashing+help message+emergency call.

Stop the alarming:

Double click the SOS button to end the call.

Press and hold the SOS button for more than 3 seconds, and the alarm will emit a "beep" sound to stop position sharing.


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