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4G Asset GPS Tracker

1. GPS+BDS+LBS+WIFI+AGPS positioning
2. Real time tracking
3. Historical track
4. Easy installation
5. Tamper alarm
6. Low battery alarm
Model Number: GT-25



1. GPS+BDS+LBS+WIFI+AGPS positioning

2. Real time tracking

3. Historical track

4. Easy installation

5. Tamper alarm

6. Low battery alarm

7. Geo-fence alarm

8. Vibration alarm

9. Movement alarm

10. Overspeed alarm

11. Waterproof IP65

12. Mute

13. Built-in magnet

14. Super long standby   



1. Size: 73.8x69x35.5mm

2. Weight: 224g

3. GPS precision: 5 meters

4. Location time: average warm start≤3sec(open sky)

                            average cold start≤35sec(open sky)

5. Battery: 10000mAh polymer battery

6. Wide voltage input range: 3.4- 4.5V

7. QUECTEL EC20 module (different modules for different countries, the following are the frequency bands for EC20, different countries with different module and frequency)

4G: LTE FDD:B1/B3/B5/B8 LTE TDD:B34/B38/B39/B40/B41


2G:CDMA:BC0 900/1800MHz